The Wiz Kidz Advantage

Why Choose Us? Attending Wiz Kidz offers a range of benefits and advantages when compared to larger, public institutions. Below are some of the top reasons to make Wiz Kidz your first choice in education.

Smaller Class Sizes

At Wiz Kidz, the magic lies in our intimate class sizes. This unique approach ensures that every student stands out, promoting a more enriched understanding and retention of the material. In these focused settings, students find the confidence to engage, ask questions, and fully immerse themselves in the curriculum. For our teachers, this is an opportunity to form genuine connections, to understand each student’s strengths, and to tailor their teaching strategies accordingly.

Our Exceptional Teachers

At the heart of both our Tutoring Agency and Private Secondary School’s success are our exceptionally talented teachers. Hand-picked for their academic excellence, interpersonal skills, and teaching capabilities, they aren’t just experts in their fields; they are energetic, vibrant, and passionate educators who resonate with our students.

Fair & Focused Assessments

We follow the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum guidelines to the letter, and our assessments are strictly based on the instructed materials and homework assignments – no off-topic curveballs. We include “Thinking & Inquiry” problems to prepare students for real-world challenges, ensuring that they are well-equipped for success.

Family Collaboration

While the academic journey is our primary focus, we also recognize the importance of parental partnership. Our teachers are committed to keeping parents/guardians in the loop, ensuring that every family is informed and involved in their student’s educational progress.

Community Atmosphere

We pride ourselves on fostering a family-like atmosphere where students not only thrive academically, but also socially. It’s not just about the tests and textbooks. It’s about the connections and memories made along the way too. Our students become part of a close-knit group, where bonds are formed, friendships are nurtured, and successes are celebrated.

Preparation For Higher Education

We understand the crucial transition from high school to higher education, and our academic approach is designed to ensure that students are well prepared for their university or college applications. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Youthfully to offer special guidance counseling and post-secondary preparation support packages. Together, Wiz Kidz and Youthfully want students to have every possible tool and advantage at their disposal. Click here for details.

Class-Leading Support

Beyond the everyday help provided by our exceptional teachers, Wiz Kidz offers unparalleled student and family support. We believe in open lines of communication, with both students and parents having direct access to our Principal should the need arise. This only further highlights our commitment to transparency, accountability, and dedication to the success of every Wiz Kidz student.